Sangat Aid Celebrates The 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with Free Eye Camps throughout Punjab

The 550th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is a much-awaited occasion that falls in 2019. The Government of India, as well as Sikh devotees across the world, have already made plans to celebrate this joyous day in a befitting and grand manner.

Sangat Aid is also celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji by performing five eye camps in different cities throughout Punjab. Please join us in this celebration by giving the gift of light to people who need it the most. Your small donation can change someone’s life, and we would be thrilled to have you join in on the celebrations so that together, we can celebrate the teachings of peace, equality, brotherhood, and love that have eternal value.

Here is a sneak peek of the two eye camps that were organized by Sangat Aid and the overwhelming response generated as a result of this event!

Eye Camp 1

The first eye camp took place on 18th October 2019 at Sant Ghat Gurdwara Sultanpur Lodhi Kapurthala, Punjab. A total of 395 patients were attended for examination, which reflects how far the trust was able to reach in aid of the people of Punjab. 47 people were identified for the Catrex operation, and surgeries were performed at the Guru Nanak Specialty Hospital Tarn Taran. Another highlight of this event was the free Langar that was served throughout the day to patients and their families. Overnight stay and transportation facilities were also provided free of charge. The people who stayed overnight also enjoyed a free breakfast as part of the event. Also, 72 patients were identified for a need for prescription glasses that were provided to them.

The sheer magnitude of the people who benefited, shows the success of this first eye camp. Sangat Aid could not accomplish its mission of making sure that people who most needed eye treatment and a scheduled checkup were given the proper care and course of treatment they deserved without your loving support.

Eye Camp 2

The second eye camp was organized on 17th November 2019 at Sant Baba Pritam Dass Hospital, Rasulpur Rai, Jalandhar. A total of 629 patients were attended for the examination, and 269 of those were identified for a Catrex operation. Operations were performed at Sant Baba Pritamdass Memorial Charitable Hospital in Jalandhar. Overnight accommodation and transport were also provided free of charge, including breakfast the next day. Patients were also provided with prescription eye drops for the next seven days free of charge. They were also given a follow-up checkup after the seven days.

This was another gratifying experience for us as we were able to reach countless people and help them see the world with healthy and glowing eyes again with your support.

Subsequent Eye Camps

The third eye camp organized by Sangat Aid will take place at Sant Baba Puran Singh Ji Pind Gura, VPO Bara Pind, Guria, Jalandhar. The fourth eye camp will take place at Batala and the fifth at Dera Baba Nanak. Sangat Aid aims to make these subsequent eye camps even more successful than the first two and plan to bring a lot more people joy and comfort in their vision.