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Marriage plays a very important part in the society that we live. A married couple aims to contribute in creating a good family which in turn contributes to a good community. This in turn builds a good society, far reaching the positive Sikh values that first unified the two souls under the blessing of the eternal Guru.

Such is the importance of a good marriage not only for the Sangat but for the wider, global community. It is for this reason that Sangat Matrimonial has been established by Sangat Trust, to help you find your perfect partner in Anand Karaj (blissful union), we use the medium of Sangat Television to do a weekly show to help young Sikhs find their life partner.

Visit: now to register with Sangat Matrimonial immediately. You will be able to register and search for your perfect life partner.

As a member of Sangat Matrimonial you can experience many benefits, some of these include:

  • You can now take control and search the database whenever you get a few minutes.
  • You can send ‘friend requests’ to other members to get to know them better.
  • The site does not disclose any of your personal information, tel no, email address until you choose to disclose this information to other users.
  • You can update your profile, pictures, password & personal statements whenever you wish.
  • You can view detailed profiles of other members.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure that you immediately:

  1. Login to the website with your personal details.
  2. Search the website for an appropriate partner,
  3. Send a contact request.

It is really that simple to start your search for your perfect life partner with Sangat Matrimonial.

Sangat Matrimonial has now been operating for over two years and has over a thousand members. We have had many successful stories and many users have used our service to find their perfect life partner.

Why not recommend to a friend to help them also find their perfect life partner.
Sangat Matrimonial Team
Helping you find your perfect life partner

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